SAN Official Education

Surrey Network Official Education

The Surrey Network is keen to increase the numbers of officials within the member clubs and has set up a subsidy scheme to assist with the costs of courses. The scheme is supported through funding from England Athletics until end of March 2014.

The process is as follows:-

  1. Applicant/Club applies for the course and the CRB check, making the payment for the course directly to England Athletics.
  2. Applicant informs his or her club when they have confirmation of a place.
  3. The Club
    completes the details below and sends the form to Martin Goodway –
  4. Attach details/flyer of course with the cost/Course application form.
  5. The subsidy is duly paid to the club’s account by the Network after completion of the course

Subsidies of 50% are available for the level 1, 2 & 3 courses with H&S add on, subject to the Surrey Network funds being in place.

Click here to download the subsidy form.

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