Upcoming Courses

There are many courses coming up in the South Eastern Area for those volunteers who wish to become coaches or officials.

Coaches are very important for athletics. The more coaches we have involved in our clubs the more athletes we can get involved in the sport. The coaching qualifications range from coaching assistant and leader, up to courses for volunteers to become a qualified Athletics coach. There are also coaching courses for Athletics Running Fitness.

Click here to view all the upcoming coaching courses.

Below are flyers that are specific to coaching assistant courses being held at Guildford Spectrum and Winchester Stadium. There is also a flyer for a leader in running fitness course being held at Winchester Stadium.

Flyer for coaching assistant held at Guildford.
Flyer for coaching assistant held at Winchester.
Flyer for LIRF held at Winchester.

Officials are also crucial in the world of Athletics as without them competitions wouldn’t be able to happen. So if you’ve ever pondered the idea of becoming an Athletics official, please have a look at the upcoming courses. With more dedicated officials, competitions can run more smoothly. Courses are available for those who want to be on the field as officials or for those who prefer to be on the track as time keepers, starters or track judges. There are also Health and Safety and Risk Assessment courses.

Click here to view all the upcoming officials courses.

All information in relation to the courses can be found on the flyers and course lists. Any queries, please e.mail Rebecca Turford at England Athletics.

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