Qualification Courses- Changes and Recommendations!

In the early months of 2014, UKA made various changes to coaching qualifications following the Coach Education Review at the end of 2013. If you are unsure on what course is best for you, click here to view a decision tree to help you make the best decision. Click here to view the flyers for the different courses.

The changes in coaching qualifications are as follows:

1) Athletics Leader: This course is now being withdrawn and replaced with a 3 hour “Leading Athletics” workshop available to anyone of the age of 14 years and above.

2) Leadership in Running Fitness (April 2014): Still a popular course, improvements such as the depth of technical information, emphasis on planning and changing the balance of practical to classroom tuition have been made.

3) Coaching Assistant (April 2014): The only change is to bring in the integration of the disability review. Candidates will be able to progress straight away from Assistant to Athletics Coach. The lower age group of 16 years is also being trialled.

4) Children Coach: Due to the low take up on this course it has been withdrawn. Similar to Athletics Coach add-on modules, a Children’s online module will now be developed.

5) Coach in Running Fitness (September 2014): Minor changes to content have been made such as technical comtent and integrated multi-jumps and throws activities to support the physical preparation of runners. Alterations to the diary for this course have also been made.

6) Athletics Coach (September 2014): Multi-jumps and multi-throws content will now be integrated into the delivery and assessment of this course to allow candidates who only operate in one area of expertise to more effectively complete the assessment elements of this course.

7) Assessment: UKA are now piloting the use of an on-line diary system over the summer with the view of integrating this form of assessment into all Coach level courses from September. Coaches will recieve diary support from an online tutor throughout the qualification process.

8) Branding: Moved from UKA to British Athletics.

Other changes:
9) Pre-course pack for coach level courses will be reduced in size and split to include a course handbook and pre-course tasks.
10) Development of a continuing professional developmental workshop for Leadership in Running Fitness attendees to help assisst them in the progression onto the Coach in Running Fitness course.
11) Current Athletics Coach add-on modules will now include an assessment mechanism (including a practical assessment).
12) Development of an add-on module for the Coaching in Running Fitness course to include physical preparation and track based training and health and safety. This is to allow progression onto an Endurance Event Group module.

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