Sportshall, 11th November Results and Pictures

Last Saturday 7 Under 11 Teams from SAN member clubs competed in a Sportshall event at Surrey Sports Park.  This was the first of 2 events which will be used to select the Surrey Under 11 Team for the Regional Final in February 2018.

The results can be downloaded here: 17-11-11 SAN Sportshall Results

There are lots (800 in total) of pictures on One Drive which can be viewed or downloaded from the links below.  Thanks go to the Official Photographer on the day, Stephen Wilder.

Album 1 of 4!Ah74ic4xvMkvaje5ESnQit4oVs8
Album 2 of 4!Ah74ic4xvMkvhxJGg_l7aw1rC5d2
Album 3 of 4!Ah74ic4xvMkvhxNRYNqaM2-mXYfe
Album 4 of 4!Ah74ic4xvMkvhxREifOfjY6buGMC

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